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Why We Love: The Nature And Chemistry Of Romantic Love
(Helen Fisher)

Surprising Discoveries: Love?s Facts and Myths
People experience love. Some get, much, others get less. But in Helen Fisher?s book, Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, thorough research discovered love?s facts and myths.
            We all thought that love is an emotion. Actually, this is a myth. A passionate love motivates the part of the brain that is linked with focus enthusiasm and drive, such as food and sexual desire, as opposed to emotional centers such as sadness and happiness. Furthermore, People tend to believe in love at first sight. According to the study, however, this is an old myth. This is because our brains have the capacity to respond to the opposite sex as to their physical appearance, movements and compatibility.
We often consider that females are more prone to fall in love easier than men. This is rather the opposite. The male?s brain is more capable of having an impulse that trigger the man to be attracted and feel in love with a woman.
A person who is madly in love should take a break in dating his partner from time to time, opposing the Myth that lovers need to see each other more often to make the feeling fruitful. Dopamine and norepinephrine, two known love chemicals that produce the feeling of bliss and excitement, are generated in the brain when couples spend their time far apart. Love may also have a tendency to be addictive. Studies reveal that when a person looks at the picture of his partner, the love chemical dopamine is released and the portion of the brain that tiggers addiction is stimulated. This is the reason why ecstasy, a known sex drug, tends to make the person long for her partner after taking the drug, thereby increasing the production of dopamine.

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