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Daniel Deronda
(Eliot, George)

Dowry system is prevalent Curse in almost all section of the society of the world. Dowry system is very old .it was not bad in past, because parents used to give as a voluntary offer to their daughter at time of her marriage .It is a kind of help given to newly married couple to establish a home so that they could live their life happily. But these days it has become a necessary evil of the every civilized society. Dowry system is eating bones of the society. The birth of a boy is an auspicious moment and an occasion of joy for the parents and the family. But the birth of a girl is not an auspicious and no occasion of joy for parents and the family. Parents pay less attention towards their daughter. When a girl becomes young is a burden on her parents. They have to face great difficulties to find a suitable match for their daughter. It is a problem to get her married without a good dowry. If anyhow parents find a suitable match for their daughter, they are helpless because now they have to think about to give a huge dowry to bridegroom?s family. daughter of poor parents howsoever beautiful and well educated cannot get married to perfect match because of this dowry evil. Many girls commit suicide to save their parents from this evil. We people why do not understand that if we harassing a girl for dowry, the same can be happen with our own daughter for dowry.  One day our daughter also has to go another home to stay with her husband and in laws. No one knows that how many girls commit suicide everyday. Dowry system is the root cause of many other evils.  Parents of a daughter collect money from fair and foul means to satisfy the greed of groom's parents. The government has decided to root out this evil from the society. Laws are being made to put an end to this evil. Young men are also coming forward to raise their voice against this curse. Moreover girls should raise their voice against this big evil only then they can get rid of this evil. Government should run anti dowry program in every section of society. People should take a pledge to save our daughter and this world.                     Write your abstract here.

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