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Solar Revolution
(Travis Bradford)

Solar Revolution is an essential read because it analyzes the transformation of the global energy economy. It is a rigorous but intensely practical analysis of how the world''s energy future should evolve.
This book shows in a convincing way that atomic and fossil energies are dispensable and could be replaced totally by renewables within some decades.
Travis Bradford is President and Founder of the Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development, a nonprofit organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts, focused on using the power of the business and financial sectors to deploy cost-effective and sustainable technologies. He sees a unique opportunity to create a clean new energy economy.
Solar energy will eventually be the cheapest source of energy in nearly all markets and locations because PV (photovoltaic) can bypass the aging and fragile electricity grid and deliver its power directly to the end user, fundamentally changing the underlying economics of energy.
The shift to solar energy is inevitable and will be as transformative as the last century''s revolutions in information and communication technologies.

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