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East Of Eden
(John Steinbeck)

"East of Eden": John Steinbeck
Written by novel prize winning American author John Steinbeck, "East of Eden" is considered as one of the finest creation in literary history. A story about love, hatred, family, Steinbeck has created something so beautiful that he binds the readers to his book. 
"East of Eden" starts as the story of two brothers, Adam and Charles Trask at the time of the Great War in Connecticut and Massachussets. Charles, the younger brother thinks his father loves Adam more than him and starts to hate his brother. Adam is troubled by Charles and is sent to the army while Charles is kept at home.  
Adam returns to their farm in Connecticut after a long journey over the country. While trying to live together, Adam and Charles find a woman named Cathy on their doorstep severely beaten. Adam takes care of her, falls in love with her and marries her. Charles recognizes her as an evil woman but blinded by love Adam doesn''t see what Charles can. 
Adam sales his inherited land and moves to Salinas Valley near the plot of an Irish immigrant named Samuel Hamilton. After Cathy gives birth to twin sons, she shoots Adam and runs away. This breaks Adam completely. Samuel and Adam''s cantonese cook, Lee help him recover and also help him raise the twins who are named Caleb and Aron. 
Cathy changes her name to Kate and works in a brothel and eventually succeeds in becoming the owner of the brothel after the suspicious death of its owner. 
When Caleb and Aron grow up they pursue their own careers. Caleb wants to become a businessman whereas Aron goes to college to become an Episcopalian priest. Caleb finds about his mother and goes to meet her and hates her. 
As Adam and Charles had problem with each other, similarly the twins start to think who is more loved by their father. Caleb and Aron both know that Aron is loved the most by their father. So in hatred he tells Aron about their mother. Devasted by the news Aron''s heart breaks and he enlists himself in the army. He is killed in the Second World War. Hearing the news of his son''s death, Adam has a stroke and later dies.

"East of Eden" is a story where Steinbeck shows the power of love and hatred in a family, where a family could be destroyed by acceptance and ignorance. Steinbeck has created the characters after the biblical characters of Cain and Abel. He even refers God as a father who accepts Abel''s gift while refuses Cain''s gift similar to the accpetance of Adam''s gift by his father, refusing Charles gift. 
He really makes us think which sibling in the family is loved the most by the father. He really shows the tearing of the family by love and hatred at the same time.

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