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Tarkash , The Quiver
(Akhtar Javed)


Akhtar Javed
In his book on Urdu poetry, Akhtar Javed remembers his past , his childhood, his days of passion, struggle and dreams. Dreams and aspirations are meant to be kept sacred his life teaches us. Its amazing how a plain, simple yet talented lad comes up with flying colors through life''s examinations. His works of poetry are equally well done masterpieces based upon the real life facts. Aptly named Tarkash or The Quiver the book has several colors Javed has nurtured his life with.
If he has written about Mother Teresa in one of the poems, he has written about war in the other and prayed to God in yet another and so forth. Overall the book in complete with his introduction of himself as well as poetry is a must read for people who want to know success , Javed himself, his persona , and what he learnt from the school of life.
About myself
When people write about themselves they tend to put into words the narratives of the place they belong to-- what place do refer to as my own native place? Born into the thankless world in Gwalior , I came to sensible notes In Lucknow, then lost into the wilderness in Aligarh only to retain sensibility in Bhopal, but again Bombay put me under destiny''s trials , so to cut things short , allow me to make a small flashback of my own life. That way you would be able to comprehend my story better, and moreover I would be able to introduce myself to you in a better manner.
Town Lucknow ....Characters - my maternal grandpa, maternal grandma, other family members and I ...I am eight years old by now. Father somewhere in Bombay and mother unfortunately not alive . All day long i play cricket in the backyard with my younger sibling. My evenings are spent attending tutions by one master sahab whose very look terrifies me. This way he earns rupees fifteen per month (and i do remember this very precisely because it was chanted in my ears daily) A meagre amount is being given to me every morning to spend on myself, and likewise, a few paisas in the evening too, so money at this age is not a hassle. I buy colored candies daily from the kiosk of Ram ji lal, the local merchant and generally in the evenings I, with childish haste rush to buy chat from the footpath sold by one Bhagwati. Oh what a bliss is childish ignorance! Schools have reopened and as I am a student in class six in Calvin Talukkedar College, a famous school of Lucknow , I feel elated. It is so because certain higher community students used to study in such a dignified school but now students of my social calibre are also studying over here.
Tarkash teaches us a lot , introducing us to the realities of life it also acertains that truth is not meant to be hidden .....that truth can be beautiful , that life is meant to be led , so one should take off his/her enmasked virtuality and believe , and have Faith.In short, its ''hello world'' from Akhtar Javed to all of us.........


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