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In Antibes, in France in a small apartment, there lived a young couple, John and Karline, just married one year. For him, all went well, his marriage left little to be desired, but for her, it was different. She was bored to death and did not recognize anymore the man that she had married. He was a good-for-nothing and was liked to hang out in the subway, a loaf, a dodo. When he was not working, he liked to remain at home, his nose stuck to his portable computer. She often spoke to him about her concern the future of their marriage, but he shook the head and smiled to her saying that that was all part of a marriage and that one day another inevitably the routine would settled in and that they did not have nothing to live for. One evening, while John was working, the young woman wanted to chatter to pass the time. Sitting in front of her computer, she very simply managed to discuss with many people. Finally, she forgot all the others all the others to devote herself to one who was telling her the story of his life. This man had something of tenderizing in these remarks. The eyes of Karline started to become tired of looking at the screen. She thus proposed to the man the number of his portable. The telephone rang and a very pretty voice could be hear: "Hello." "My true name is Grégory, and yours? "It''s Karline." "Karline is pretty, enchanté." Smiling, she answered him "even if I had said Cunéguonde to you, you would have found it pretty, is it not true?" This sentence had the good taste to slacken the atmosphère. He discussed about very little, and as she started to make him feel guilty, he acknowledged to her that it had a girl friend with whom he had lived for 10 years and that he had known only she. But that at the time or it discussed it was with the hotel in formation for its work. In all way neither him nor it thought of evil

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