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Tales Of Glarney
(Julie Liddell)

Simon is a quiet young man who lives with his Aunt Emma and collects bugs. Ever since his mother died, he has felt isolated and misunderstood. When some of his collected cockroaches escape from the antique teapot where he''d hidden them, Simon comes up against his cold Aunt Emma and decides to escape to the garden. While inspecting the inside of a hollow log, Simon finds himself transported to a world where he is suddenly the same size as the insects, and thus begins his adventure in the world of Glarney. Filled with unlikely heroes and misunderstood villains, this book subtly tackles the big issues in a young child''s life. Why am I afraid? Why are people mean? How do I learn to trust myself? Come to think of it, this charming book tackles the big issues in everyone''s lives. This is a perfect book to read to your kids on a rainy day. They will love the adventure, and so will you.

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