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Take Your Pediatrician With You
(Dr. Christopher S. Ryder)

It''s three o''clock in the morning and your child is screaming in pain. To make matters worse, you and your family are vacationing in a strange city. What should you do? Call the front desk? Your family pediatrician? An ambulance? From in-flight earaches to strep throat, from poison ivy to insect bites, illness and injury are common and unwelcome traveling companions. You need to know when to treat your child yourself and when to seek professional medical care. This compact handbook tells you how to decide and then puts crucial information for preventing and treating acute childhood illnesses and injuries at your fingertips. In Take Your Pediatrician with You, Dr. Christopher Ryder offers expert advice on keeping children safe and healthy at home and on the road. He includes detailed instructions for creating a children''s medical care kit to use at home or while traveling. Also included are descriptions of common childhood illnesses and summer woes; travel tips; accident prevention; and guidelines for emergency care. A chapter on international adoption guides parents through the process of bringing a child home safely. As well as a reassuring travel companion, this valuable resource will become the "turn-to" guide at home and in childcare centers.

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