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I Colour Book: Abstract: With 24 Abstract Tear Out Postcards

Colour it in psychedelic colours, in tasteful tones, in all shades of orange! But just colour it, tear it out and send it to a friend. Recapture the simple sense of fun and creativity by colouring in the most beautiful abstract designs - from pseudo Jackson Pollock to retro patterns and colourful camouflage - provided by a leading textile designer. By adding the key ingredient of colour you add your own spark of creativity to great designs. The design team, who work closely with Tate Modern in London, provide 24 postcards with six different designs to choose from. You can experiment with the colour combinations, using crayons, pencils, felt/fibre tip pens, and even paint on these uncoated post cards. A brief introduction gives some tips on using colours and some suggestions on colour combinations to use on the specific designs, but you are encouraged to let your own creativity get to work! It is a great fun for all those looking for a burst of creative expression and useful for designers of all types who want to experiment with colour. The cards can be kept together in the book or torn out and posted to a friend.

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