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Bad Luck And Trouble
(Lee Child)


Queuing for hours and talking with the other people outside
Waterstones Bookshop to catch a glimpse of the
author Lee Child proved an eventful experience.

I had been to several Events at Waterstones over the last
two years but this particular writer had a great following
and all and all the writer spoke to a packed house or
shop in this instance.

His background so intrigued the audience that Lee Child
spoke about it at length and answered the questions of
the audienece one by one.  Apparently his writing was
started because he was sacked by ITV in Manchester
in the heady 1990s ... one day he was called to meet
his Boss and was given the sack.  He was in such a
state of shock wondering if his savings would last
out until he found another job, but his wife was
perplexed when she asked him how he was going to
pay the mortgage as an unemployed Television Executive,
and his reply was that he planned to be a novelist! 

And he obviously made the right choice ... the audience
spoke with great enthusiasm about seven of his books,
and the young lady beside me said she couldnt put
it down, but she would actively encourage him to
write another and another.

When he was made redundant in the UK. he decided to
move to the United States of America, and his book takes
place largely in America.  He cleverly outlined his
characters and plot and mentioned that he still hadnt
sold any of his Books to the big Film Companies in
the world!  But it didnt bother him at all, as obviously
as it stands, he was a Best Seller!

He was keen to discuss actors and their height and
joked a little about Sylvester Stallone who apparenlty is
one 5 feet 5 inches tall in spite of appearing much
larger on the screen.

The art of writing takes Lee Child on a 7-24 schedule which is
round the clock ... he writes on the Computer ... and he
puts in not less than 6 hours a day in writing .. quite a heavy
commitment.  Of course I acknowledge that all his hard
work has paid up and he is now a great success not only
in the United States of America but also here in the

Happy reading ... keep on reading ... excellent stuff!

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