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Daniel(2300 Afternoons And Mornings))
(the bible)

Daniel(2300 Afternoons And Mornings) Author : THE BIBLE
(0 Critical) Summary of lupalupe  (600 words)
Published in: thursday, 15 of February of 2007
DANIEL 8:14 and it said me: Up to two a thousand and three hundred afternoons and mornings; e the sanctuary will be purificado. Late and morning was the used term in the week of the creation for the first time to point one dia.(gen 1:5,8,13) 2300 afternoons and manhãs(dias) they start to make sensible when we see that each diaè in the truth one year (Ezequiel 4:6) > Daniel had its sonho/visão in the 538/537 year of B.C. and this period was initiated in the year of 457 A>C. with the ATAXERXES decree. That the Jews authorizeed to come back the Jerusalem and to reconstruct it. We have ái a first period of 2.300 years and 70 weeks that was counted of this great period. 70 weeks x 7 days = 490 years. Intentions of this 70 weeks. Daniel 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined on your people, and your saint city, to cease the trespass, and to give end to the sins, and to atone for the iniquity, and to bring perpetual justice, and to stamp the vision and the prophecy, and to ungir the Santíssimo.The main point is: UNGIR the SANTÌSSIMO and in the following verse emphasizes again until where would extend the 490 years.Daniel 9:25 Sabe and understands: since the exit of the order to restore, and to build the Jerusalem, until the o Messias, the Prince, he will have seven weeks, and sixty and two weeks; the streets and the wall will be rebuilt, but in times angustiosos.E in the sequência informs that this Messias will be cut in the way of finishes week.Dan. 9:26 and after the sixty and two weeks will be cut the Messias, and that in the half of the Dan week. 9:27... and in the half of the week will make to cease the sacrifice Dates that evidence the prophecy of Daniel . 457 a.C - Ataxerxes Decree Jewish them also to reconstruirem Jerusalem (beginning of the 2300 afternoons and mornings and of the 70 weeks. 27 d.C - Baptism of Jesus"O MESSIAS announced for Isaias 53" beginning of its pregação 31 d.C - Messias"cortado in the way of the week" after 3,5 years of pregação. 34 d.C - Stoning of Estevão and change of attitudes in the pregação of evangelho, also passed to be nailed to all to the gentios(não Jewish). Acts 7:54-60 and 9:15. 1844 d.C - Final of the 2300 afternoons and manhâs. For the two they had initiated in same year 457 a.C

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