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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

One of the rare writers who have the caliber to fuse nail-biting suspense and information writing, Dan Brown successfully portrays his intelligence and wits in this enthralling balancing act of his. The Da Vinci Code is a perfect theory thriller for history buffs, conspiracy nuts and puzzle lovers alike complete with code-breaking, an international breathless chase and an intriguing grail quest. Apart from baffling codes and a clever use of iconography, symbology and cryptology, the interwoven murder and myth has no wonder caught the eyes of the world.The mystery begins with murder of Saunier and a series of interconnected codes written by him in his last few moments for his granddaughter Sophie Nevue and symbologist, Robert Langdon. This leads to unveiling of the truth hidden in the works of renowned painter Leonardo Da Vinci. The marriage of Jesus with Mary Magdalene and their lasting bloodline till date was really controversial claims with the brutal corporal mortification in Opus Dei being the other.The revelation of an unacceptable fact with innumerable historic proofs was bound to raise many eyebrows. But forgetting the controversies, the Da Vinci Code is the only engrossing novel after the advent of Harry Potter which despite many unbelievable quotes is purely convincing.Today?s bestseller is sure to be read as a classic a few generations from now an remember, having read it once you will never see ? the Last Supper? the same way again.Apart from having been converted into a major motion picture, ?the Da Vinci Code? has inspired many writers around the globe to write related books separating the fact and fiction. ? The Da Vinci Code decoded?, ? Cracking the Da Vinci Code?, ?Opus Dei?, ?the last templar? are some of the important books written in this context. Recently, a cell phone game has also been launched involving the characters of the book. Da Brown has stirred the public curiosity about various religions and their mythologies.

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