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I Can Make You Thin
(paul mckenna)

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This book is really easy to follow, very simplistic ideas, not overloaded with smart jargon. It has changed the way I look at food, and has actually changed my diet totally, im no longer binging on things that I think are bad for me, just because Im told they are bad for me, and find myself eating stir fry, cooking risotto from scratch, eating more bloody fish of all things lol, and vegetables....hes totally hypnotised me, and trust me if I can do it anyone can as Im the worst yo yo dieter ever!!

Best of all its actually achieveable, believe it or not, Paul McKenna has actually made me thin, well thinner to be exact!!

I read the book in one sitting, and was totally sceptical of it to be honest, I mean who actually stops eating when they are full right, and as to leaving some food on the plate, I thought he was having a laugh ;0

That was one month ago, and with the mind programming cd, which Ive really found helpful to visualise the techniques which he writes about in the book Ive lost......drum role pleeeeeeease 1 WHOLE STONE!!!

The techniques that the book teaches you are not only good for the whole loosing weight, but really made me feel loved, confident more attractive as one of my favourite excersizes was to visualise your thinner self, how you look, move, how other people react to you and step into your thinner self and see how it feels, eating very slowly, enjoying every mouthful, stopping when you are full. Im just made me feel really sexy (thats how I look in my imagination anyway) imagined all my fave hot celebs winking at me and that kind of thing, well it worked for me!!

Thats it really, just to say, give up dieting, you always fall off it in the end, give Paul's book a try, I can def recommend it.

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