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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Write your abstract here.The fascination with Jesus Christ and the truth of his life. The Holy Order of knights and the enlightened, priviledged few entrusted with the secret. Da Vinci's genius and the ensuing Grand Master's lineage of honorable and intelligent trustees. And the Catholic churches never ending lies, denials and cover ups. Really, who could possibly create such a fantasy without some basis in truth?And that's where the lure is with all of the recent fascination of the Templars, the truth of Jesus Christ's life and teachings, the church's mystery. What is the truth? Starting with a little known movie called Stigmata several years ago and even before that, the church has spoken out against anything that defies utter compliance to religious standards. Yet there are many theories as to what Jesus' life truly was, truly meant and what the real truth really is. And several authors and producers have seen the money to be made by pursuing the argument. But where is the truth?I would have to say that no one will ever know. We may find bits and pieces but unless Heaven allows us the unlimited ability to know the past, I fear the truth is lost forever. Even those "in the know" within the Vatican probably don't know all. And there is no secret society that is guarding the secrets of the divinity. No one could guard that knowledge for centuries without having at least one person overcome with the temptation to tell all and go down forever in the annals of all history as the person who broke the true story.So for now, enjoy the reading for what it is: good fiction. Some of it is actually being brought to screen in good adaptations of the books too. Dan Brown and the Da Vinci code is probably the best writing so far. I would definitely recommend this book to you for the one reason that Dan Brown, unlike so many other authors on the topic, has at least mastered the skill of enticing the reader to want to continue turning pages until the end. There are no boring chapters here. Read until full.I also suggest Angels and Demons by Brown. The Da Vinci Code's predecessor and a better read. Well worth the investment.

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