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Dafnis I Chloe

?Dafnis and Chloe?, antyque myth, is a history abouth innocent love of two young people, sheperd and sheperdess, whos life is roll on Lesbos island. It is one of the most beatifull romance in literature. This story is abouth two young lovers, whose love cannot be full because they don?t know nothing abouth lust love. This is why they only huging and kissing each other but also filling emptyness and physically they are yearning to them self.From the beganing of their lifes god?s have been watching after them. As a baby, Dafnis was found and nurse by ship. Simmilary, Chloe?s ?foster-mother? was goat. Some stuff was left with abandon children, that betray high provenance and wealth of their real parents. Finally children had been found by simple country people whose took the care of them. They had been grown up in their houses as if they where their real doughter and son. Dafnis growth up in Lamon and Myrtale home, Chloe in Dryas and Nape. Their brought up together, pastureing cattle. Their had been spending their lives in peace and harmony with invaroment. When Chloe was 14 years old and Dafnis 16, something happend, what completely had change their lifes and make them fall in love. It started when Chloe saw Dafnis naked for the first time and later when Dafnis gave her a kiss. At first, they could not understand what is happening with them, so they wasn?t spoken abouth their feelings but had been trying to be close and together as long as it was possible. When they was finally close enought to make love, they doesn?t know how to do it.Their love had to pass many others problems, courting of young mens to Chloe, invasion of citizens from Mytemne and Dafnis snatch. But finally, all trouble had brought them to discover mystery of their provenance. Their found that they rael parents are reach citizens from Mitylene. They had known them, but finally Dafnis and Chloe came back to Lesbos, where they?d lived long and happy, and had kids.Myth abouth Dafnis and Chloe was an inspiration for many writers, like for example Milan Kundera who?s mention abouth that young couple in his book.

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