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Walk This Way: The Journey Of A Rwandan Refugee
(Joseph Ndereyimana)

This book ?Walk This Way? is about ordinary people in the incredible continent of Africa searching for an extraordinary God. In 1994 when the genocide began in Rwanda, Joseph Ndereyimana a nineteen-year-old Rwandan leaves his country looking for a brighter future. He journeys south on foot to Zambia hoping to find peace and a paradise to live in. But instead he finds corruption, bribery, hunger, poverty, violence and apathy. On one occasion he had to give away his one and only pair of shoes (CAT shoes, popular in Africa) to appease some police officers. He journeys from Zambia to the tip of the African continent, Cape Town in South Africa mostly on foot. There he realizes that his journey wasn?t only a physical one, but more of a spiritual journey to find real purpose and meaning in life. As he walked this ?dark continent? Joseph always felt that God had a special purpose in everything that happened to him during the journey. Having seen too much suffering and death, he had become a victim of his circumstances and resigned himself to a deprived fate. But after attending church in Cape Town, he says, ?I realized that my destiny was no longer fixed, but that it depended on me and on the choices that I made on a daily basis, as well as on my closeness to God. I reflected on my life and on those stages where my destiny could have been different.? This was a spiritual journey into the promised land. He had journeyed from darkness to light. This little book gives you a glimpse into the vast African continent, its people and culture, its history and geography. It also gives you a brief historical background of the Hutu and Tutsi conflict in Rwanda. I must admit that as I read through the book, I find a lot of uncanny similarities to Nagas, especially the part about the unscrupulous corruption and bribery, the slaughter of brothers by brothers. It is not surprising that Naga scholars today write about the similarities of African and Naga cultures. And so I feel that the path to peace and reconciliation for these two great cultures cannot be too different. Let?s hear it from Joseph again, ??more than half a million Rwandans lost their lives, killed by their own fellow countrymen?if I can grief over such loss, how much more God?I believe that only Rwandans can find solutions to the problems in their country, because they alone are familiar with the roots of these issues. ?I am convinced that through the love of Jesus Christ, if all Rwandans were to seek forgiveness from each other, we could make Rwanda a paradise for us all. ?Instead of continuing in hatred and fear, let us meet together in Christ ? Before our country can achieve reconciliation, Rwandans need to seek forgiveness.?

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