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(The Bible)

I have been doing research on the book of Daniel in the bible. There is much talk about it, even that it is a fraud, that what Ferdinand try to prove back in 1850. But in 1854 archeologist find some small clay cylinders proving facts after fact that the things Danirl prophecy about was true and some for Our time. Daniel God gave him insight and wisdom so that he was able to interpret the king dreams, even understand the writing on the wall that the king so called wise men could tell him. Daniel was show through vision and dreams things that will take place in our time. This was donein the form of the immense image of the king of Babylon dreams and in through vision and dream that Daniel God gave him of remarkable wild breasts each which represent a kingdom. It start with Babyon as the head of gold the world power at the time of Daniel interpreting his dream. Thenthe breasts and armsof silver was the Medo-Persia empire, next the third kingdom who Greece who extend over the whole earth. Then the fourth world power as Iron stronger than all the rest of the empire was Rome. Rome was crushing like Iron, crushing everything it didn't like. Out of Rome came the Fifth world power called the Anglo-American world power made up of Great Britain and the United State of America. Now the feets being of partly Iron and partly of mold clay show that the last world power represent by politial divided nations. Some Ironlike and some Claylike. This image is going to be destroyed meaning that when the last world power show it face soon, Christ Jesus will be told at God command to go destroy all the existing world power to make room for his government, a heavenly government that will rules people from the heaven. Sure H.F. Talbot wrote: "This prove nothing." But it do good to example the evidences, the facts. The scence of the world is changing. We cannot stop it. The book of Daniel is trying to warn us of that. we are going to be in immediately danger. If all this is a joke then the image of the king drea don't means nothing to us today, but if it is real we do will to read it and look at the fall of each kingdom after the other. Now we are at a countdown with the now existing world power called Anglo-American make up of Great Britain and the United State of America, we are about to see a changes soon a changes that we cannot prevent.We need to read the book of Daniel of the Bible and compare it with world history and pass world power.

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