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Tainted Loylaty

Tainted Loyalty is a fast tale of Betrayal, Back Stabbing and Double Crossing. Star, Crystal, Janice and Tammy all grew up in Queens. This fouresome rush head on onto the streets of Queens with their motto S and S S-Set'Em and S-Stick'Em. They're lliving a ghetto fabulous life, reaping the benefits of being beautiful and attractive to all the ballers and playas.

But things take a dark turn. Janice convinces Star to stick up a main dope spot owned by her brother niheem who runs the Queens drug trade. Niheem runs his business with the backing of a crew of killer agents. Once the robbery goes down, Niheem turns Queens upside down trying to find out who was behind the robbery. Danger, one of Niheem's top lieutenants, knows that Star was behind thestick up, which resulted in him having to kill his best friend Ice. Danger is stuck between a rock and a hard place because he knows that Niheem would never believe that his own sister is behind the Set up. to make matters worse, Danger and Star have become sexually involved. He's starting to have feeling's for her! His feelings are one thing, but Star's S and S crew of girls is a totally different story....they have to pay for the Tainted Loyalty.

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