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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

The Da Vinci codeBy Dan BrownThe Da Vinci code is the second in the Langdon series, the first book he appeared in was Dan Brown?s Angels and Daemons. However the Da Vinci code is the book that put Brown on the popular fiction shelf having been involved in a very controversial court case himself in terms of the fiction he has created in relation to his all controversial story about jesus the man.

The Da Vinci code follows Robert Langdon a professor in symbology who becomes involved in a series of murders which are seemingly connected to the Catholic Church. The assailant is murdering those who are protectors of a secret group - the Knight Templar who were ordered to protect the holy blood line for an eternity. Now Robert Langdon must find out who is behind these terrible acts of inhumanity before he himself is arrested.In a series of clues that are left behind after each attack Langdon is left to ponder what these things are all about. Using his knowledge of ancient symbols and texts, in particular Da Vinci?s methods Langdon moves slowly towards the truth. Da Vinci was a famous artist, yes. He was though however a master of codes and pretexts, not only this but he was also fond of inventing and new innovations which this story touches on very nicely.
The book is easy to read and extremely controversial if the content were ever proven real - however this is merely a piece of fiction and its offers a fantastical view point of the church and suppression it has impaled on women for centuries

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