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Take Accountability For Your Life
(Steven Chetty)

Everyday all over the world people find blame for their failures or non achievements.Individuals always want someoneto blamefor there poor result in examinations, business or working enviroments. Individuals blame government for lack of facilities and content material for their poor results as reflected by students. To me these are all excuses.

My reasoning is that " refering to individuals ". No matter how hard a teacher can try to make aindividual understand, the end result is that aindividual must accept whatever information the teacher is passing onto him/her. It is the individual's responsibility to absorb that information. This information can be taken either positively or negatively by the individual. In simple terms what I am trying to say is thatindividual shouldunderstand that the information passed on to them is for their benifitonly. No one can take away this information received by theindividual either for his/her benifit or not. It should be made aware to allindividuals that they should become accountable for the way they receive information. They should not blame the teacher or government for the manner in which they programme their mind to receive information.Individuals should take accountability for their actions.

My quote " Life is about yourself, it is what you as an Individual make of it. One can receive all the information in the world, but if one cannot put it to valuable use, then all this information becomes useless. So one should take accountability for ones life and make and choose is own decisions. A decision is yours only and no one can change it but you. Beleive in yourself".

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