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Walk In My Shoes
(Alwyn Evans)

Walk In My Shoes is an extremely powerful and moving first novel by new author, Alwyn Evans.

he book is written from the point of view of a fictitious sixteen year old Afghani girl. It tells the story of her family?s long and desperate journey as they leave their home to escape from Afghanistan and fear and terror of their daily lives in that country. They endure a frightening and perilous sea voyage to Australia, only to find that even more suffering and pain await them in an inhospitable detention camp for refugees.

his is a book that should be read by all Australians and, in fact, by all people, world wide. Sympathetic though many of us may be towards the plight of refugees, there is absolutely no way we can really imagine or understand what they actually endure; no way we can ?walk in their shoes? - until we read this book, with the author?s attention to detail and courage to tell it like it is.

Alwyn Evans spent two, long, difficult years researching and writing this novel. She spoke to many asylum seekers - those who had newly arrived in this country, those who had been held in detention centres, virtually without hope for months, or years, and those who were finally granted temporary, and later, if they were very lucky, permanent visas. She entered their lives and she suffered with them as she wrote their story.

You will probably need a box of tissues near by as you read this story. At times it moved me to tears of sadness and at other times to tears of joy. Some times I couldn?t read on without a break ? it was too depressing ? but some times I couldn?t put it down as somehow, hope and the fictitious Afghani refugee family survived.

Published by Penguin in Australia in 2004, the book is available in paperback, on line or from any good bookshop.

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