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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Inthe DaVinci Code. Isee why so many Christians are upset about the book. It does challenge basic beliefs of particular Christian traditions (e.g. Divinity of Christ). Throughout the months I have heard numerous critiques and reviews of thebook or at least the ideas being presented in the book. However, what I am struck by is the relative silence regarding the religious aesthetic andparticular racial inference of Jesus and his descendants in the book. One of the main issues I have with those who take issue with this particularbookis the silence on the racial dynamics and aesthetics of the book. As it turns out Jesus' descendants are white Europeans. No surprise there! Racial Constantinianism is a mutha! This should be expected in light of 500 years of white supremacy and normalization (or what Icall the symbolic universe of ecclesial whiteness). Thisbook has normative gaze in full effect. Why am I pointing this out? Because I have seen little mention of this reality on blogs that claim to represent a stance against the bad habits of modernity (e.g. absolutism, etc.). I don't want to give away thebook except to say that I found it interesting that one of the characters in the story that displays a concern for justice for women, dark-skinned folks, andthe marginalized ischaracterized as a crack pot.

One wonders if part of the disdain for thisbook that comes from particular Christian camps is the way the movie is purported to impugn the 'purity' of Jesus. Maybe it does but the other question is this: which purity is being impugned? These are initial thoughts?there is also an article in Reader's Digestabout Dan Brown's book being explored as abook filled with fact or fiction. The author of the article has given more information about how the famous museum which is much spoken in the book is gaining more importance and how people are coming to see whether the places mentioned in the book is real or imaginary. The comment of the tourist guides is that after the book was published the place has gained more importance and the amount of tourist have increased double the time.

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