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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Probably the most highly acclaimed novel for the past few years. The novel gives a multitude of experience ranging from the embarkment upon new discovery in terms of religion to extreme portions of apprehension and doubt in being unable to settle the tale which main characters Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu were destined to acheive by the evidense left by Jacques Sauniere at his death scene. Religious meaning and allusion is key within the tale, intellectually devised by Dan Brown. The novel's constant maintenance and referral to Christ, being the acclamation of Christ or the identification of problematic elements in religous history. The novel uses these features to manipulate main characters as above into prolonging there deciphering abilities and so the atmosphere surrounding the text is at a constant high in terms of anxiety and dramatic tension.Therefore, high levels of dramatic tension, prolonged suffering in terms of coming to conclusions upon codes etc and an overall atmosphere of importance relevent to the situation, renders this text liable to becoming an historic piece of literature controversially comparable to the likes of Jane Austen's Northanger AbbeyBy Christian Balistrarihttp://www.mint-clothing.co.uk

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