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The Davinci Code
(Dan Brown)

The Da Vinci CodeControversy is in the mind of men, not in a book. The Da Vinci Code is a book that throws light on the life of Jesus Christ from a very human point of view, so human that many found it hard to digest. We tend to live our lives the way we are brought up, the trends that are followed in society become our trends. There are statements in the book which say that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdelene however the Holy Bible portrays Mary Magdelene as a prostitute who was saved by Jesus at the time when she was to be stoned in public. Another controversial statement was that about the portrait of the Last Supper which said that the person seated at the right hand of Jesus was Mary Magdelene and not John (now that?s not what we were taught were we, neither does the Bible tell us that) There are people who say that what?s wrong if Jesus was actually married, it?s no sin to be married afterall, however the majority of people can?t take it. That is the effect that society has on us. No one would even dare to think that Our Lord was married and bore children, and that is what is exactly been claimed in the book, something that no one would dare to dream of! Jesus married? That too to a prostitute? The church would consider this blasphemy, however the book says that Mary Magdelene was no prostitute but belonged to a royal French family as Jesus did to the family of King David. So that is where the Controversy came from. The book strayed away from the trends and beliefs of society and faced controversy that was indeed in the mind of men and not in the book.

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