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Bags To Riches (seven Success Secrets For Women In Business)
(Mrs. Linda Hollander)

Everyone wants to be wealthy, since desire to become rich is human. It is said that, one can become rich through business. But out of many businesses started, several get closed prematurely, some have a mediocre run & only a few are successful. After one thought to another, the author settled on running the business of bags (which also happened just by chance) & this led her to riches. In this book, the author shares her experience in this small business. Women are good at net working & relation ship-orientation, but they must also have entrepreneurship qualities, positive attitude, determination, confidence &ability to have a vision etc. They should build good teams & work with team-spirit, take guidance from experienced persons, professionals & small business organizations. Learning is a life-long & continuous affair & hence we must be willing to learn at every stage & when required, make mid-course corrections. Equally important is,, finding a suitable idea for the business. For this purpose, we must see our interest, expertise & the future expectations from the business idea, if implemented. Other considerations are location of the business, & whether to do it in partnership with others etc. However, we must arrange to prepare a detailed project report of the proposed enterprise, with all relevant details, including the various systems & procedures etc., for smooth running of the enterprise. We must assess the number & types of employees, position the right people for the jobs & run the organization with good human relations, for good results. The success in the enterprise should be considered, when there is a mixture of money, family life, creativity & fulfilment etc. Creation of wealth is definitely our objective, but it should not be, at the cost of ethics & family life. Proper accounting & cost cutting methods etc. should also be followed. For the capital required for the enterprise, we should carefully select the agency & get finance with proper terms & conditions. But, besides the income from business, there should also be, some other sources of income, for the family.
As a business, our first job is to meet the customer's requirements. We should explain to the customer, as to how the product or service offered, meets his requirements, so that the customer comes again & again, for repeated purchases of the items. Appropriate communication by various available means, & networking are necessary. After proper procedures of costing, we should fix prices suitably, seeing the market competition, low in initial stages, & then increasing it gradually. We should determine & fix our target markets, & make substantial efforts for marketing the products there. Efforts should be made for obtaining large orders & repeat orders, by solving the difficulties of the customers. We have to keep in touch with, & look after those customers, who give large orders. Normally in an enterprise, there are many works required to be completed, & one who can do efficiently several jobs at the same time, will succeed. Family & society are more important, than just money. Above all we should have a healthy body with healthy mind, reasonable stresses, do regular exercise & engage in hobbies etc., & also do some thing for the people in the society, & not limit the benefits to self & the family.

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