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Tao: The Golden Gate

OSHO is unique in that he preached a philosophy of inclusiveness and not otherworldliness. To him life is not an enforced renunciation or philosophic resignation but a joyous celebration. He says: ?My approach is that of life-affirmation?celebration is the only true prayer; it is the only way we can show our gratitude to God. God gives you life as a gift and you renounce it! Life is a great gift; you have to be thankful for it. And that thankfulness brings spirituality.?In his discourses one could find a harmonious blend of wisdom and humor as a spread of well-chosen pearls and diamonds. ?Wisdom with humor? was his style of discoursing. Here are a few excerpts. Read. Enjoy for enlightenment.Humor: Two madmen looked at the clock: it is twelve o?clock. One says, ?It is midday.? The other says,? it?s midnight. The discussion becomes heated that they decided to ask the Director of the asylum. ?Is it midday or midnight, sir?? they asked him. The Director looks at his watch and says: ?Well, I don?t know?it?s Stopped?. In a madhouse you can?t expect the Director to be less mad than the other madmen. In fact, he may be the Director because he is more mad! He may be the oldest inmate; hence he has been chosen to be the Director ------------------- Once there was a man whose name was Unbelievable? He was married to a very nice woman and the two of them were a contented couple. One day Unbelievable was so sick that he knew he was dying, so he called his wife and said to her, ?Darling. I have spent my whole life being called by this idiotic name. Now that I am dying please promise me one thing-not to put this name Unbelievable on my gravestone. You can put a saying or a picture, anything, but not my name. I do not want to carry it into eternity.? So the wife agreed. When he died she put a saying on his gravestone which read ?Here lies a faithful husband who never betrayed his wife? From that day people would pass by and read the gravestone and say, -?It?s unbelievable? --------------------- Two friends meet. ?Hello,Luisa,how is your great love?? ?It?s over,? she replied sadly ?Over? How come?? ?We got married ----------------------Wisdom: Knowledge is information. Wisdom is transformation. ----------------------- God will recognize you by your original face; nothing else will be recognized there. No degrees, no fame, no money, no power, no prestige, nothing else will be recognized there but your original face; and you will have to stand utterly naked before him -----------------------Both Wisdom and Humor: A scene in Heaven: God is obsessed with the growing violence and hatred among mankind. He calls his beloved son Jesus and tells him he has to sacrifice himself once more for the redemption of mankind. ?Once has been enough for me,? Jesus thought to himself; but rather says ok quite unwillingly obeying the command of his father. He goes around Heaven and saying goodbye to all his friends and promising to comeback in 33 years. Then followed by all his angels, he comes down to earth. 33 years passed but there is no sign of Jesus coming back to Heaven. Finally after 80 years, an old lean man came to Heaven. He is at once taken to God who recognizes him instantly and asks in astonishment, ?what happened? Why did you take so long?? ?Well, Father, replied Jesus. Mankind has improved. There is no more capital punishment on earth. This time I was condemned to a life imprisonment. - Sundara Bharadwaj.

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