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The Great Gatsby
(F.Scott Fitzgerald)

Nick ( the narrator) importantly brings up that he is from the midwest. Toward the end of the book he says that all of the characters were not from the east and therefore not fit to live there. He also says that he is from the middle class. Class is one of them most important themes in the novel and affects the relationships of the characters. The social position of women is criticized here. He does not have to worry about the consequences. He notices that Gatsby is looking out at the water but the only thing that is visible is a green light. That green light is the most important piece of symbolism in the book. Itis a light on the end of Daisy's dock. The ad consists of the gigantic eyes of the doctor staring out at people. The meaning of this symbolis that of judgment, and accountability. He is always working on his image and this may be part of the image he is trying to accomplish. It is during this drive that one of the most importan twords in the book is first used: careless. Fitzgerald uses the word careless to describe many of the characters because this attitude is so closely tied to the theme of consequence and responsibility. Nick says of himself that he is one of the few honest people ever known. Nick seems to lie several times in the book . He tells Nick that he is from the midwest but when Nick asks what part of the midwest her replies San Francisco. In the beginning of the chapter Nick says that he kept a ledger of all of the people who came to Gatsby's party. Not only does the list offer an explanation of the make up of the two Eggs it is also a description of the excessive nature of these parties. The reason Gatsby wants Daisy to come to Nick's house is because he wants her to see his house. After all the money he has spent on it, he wants her to see it. Her opinion is really the only one that matters. The only impression we get is the one that Nick gives us, and that is not necessarily reliable. The green light is symbolic of Gatsby's longing for Daisy, and for his longing in general. The green light represents to Gatsby all that is off in the distance that he wants to posses. Daisy is only part of that. The funeral towards the end of the book also high lights this point. For all the effort that Gatsby put into being a member of "the club" he never fits in. He was being accepted by one of the wealthy and elite. It was one of the most complete moments of Gatsby's life and he believes that if he gets Daisy back, he can return to moments like those. It brings an interesting consequence to the relationship of Gatsby and Daisy. So her child is something she can hold up to the world and say is hers. The poor attendance at Gatsby's funeral exemplifies the ultimate failure of Gatsby to ever achieve what he wanted. None of the people who frequented the parties over the summer showed up and Wolfsheim, one of the few people who could be called a close friend to Gatsby, refused to attend. The more Gatsbytried to obtain, the less he ended up with. Another look at the importance of the word careless is when Nick goes to see Jordan. She says that Nick was careless also and that it was careless ofher to trust him, that he was false and a liar. It is this superior mind set that allows Tom to cheat on his wife and allows he and Daisy to run away from the death of Myrtle. The word careless also sums up one of the most important ideas in the book. This is due to the ease of their life. These people live the decadent life of the roaring twenties that many of the writers of this era were criticizing. By the end of the book he is very jaded, though. So the experience with Gatsby and the others takes it's toll on him. But in the end, the reader cannot be certain of who the real Nick is. Nick is the hardest character to understand in the book because he is the narrator and will therefore only give us anion of himself that he would like to give. Daisy is a trapped woman. Daisy is also terribly clever, delivering someof the funnis of the book. Part of this is due to the fact that she had been spoiled all her life. This is also why he and Daisy escape in the end of the book. Jordan faces the same problems that Tom and Daisy do. One of the most important themes in the novel is class and social standing. The green light is a multi-faceted piece of symbolism in the book. It's most obvious inter retationis that the light is symbolic of Gatsby's longing for Daisy, but that is too simplistic. He connects the green light to all people. Everyone has something that they long and search for that is just off in the distance. So who is doing the judgment? That is, in part, what the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg are there for.

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