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(Emily Barr)

29-year-old Australian Lina Pritchett is living in themiddle of nowhere aka Craggy Rock, in the Australian outback. She is happily married with a little boy andanother baby on the way. Although thesmall town mentality and the heat sometimes smothers her, she loves the desertand the town proves to her that people can survive anywhere, even in houses burrowedinto rock.19-year-old Daisy Fraser is a British socialite and balletdancer who accidentally kills 4 of her friends with a batch of bad drugs boughtfrom their regular dealer. Whilewaiting for the trial she fakes her own suicide and escapes the country. She wants to get as far away from Englandand everything that reminds her of it.After touring through Asia and adopting a little boy called Red, shefinally decides to settle down in Australia.Then there is Sophie, Daisy?s former best friend from herchildhood, who meets Lina in on a backpacking trip to Australia and discoversthat she is indeed Daisy. Lina deniesthis, but Sophie is so sure of her facts that she goes back to Australia tofind her friend. Now, if only she didnot trust her boyfriend Larry (and The Herald tabloid journalist) not to writeabout this. To Larry this is the opportunity of a lifetime, the storythat will allow him to ?set the agenda? instead rewriting press releases and stealingstories from his colleague?s desks? Heturns the small town of Craggy Rock into a media circus and enjoys every secondof his ?glory?. This is the second novel from Emily Barr, experiencedtravel writer and author of Backpack.Baggage is a very honest and charming read. You warm to both the good and the bad characters, with the linethat stands between them often blurring.

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