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The Count Of Monte Cristo
(Alexandre Dumas)

Edmond Dantes is a 19 year old young man who wants to be a Navy captian and marry his girlfriend Mercedes....The adventure begins when he encounters the exiled Napoleon Bonapart, who asks him to carry a letter to his friend after they stop in Elba.Mondego (an aristocrat also in love with Mercedes), Danglars, and Caderousse report Dantes and accuse him of treason. On the day of his wedding, Dantes is taken captive and sent to prison in the Chateau d' If, an island prison where the most dangerous political prisons are kept. Villefort then discovers that the accusations against Dantes are false, but he does not help Dantes because he finds out that the letter from Napoleon was written to Noirtier, his father. He decides to let an innocent man be condemned instead of putting his own father in a complicated situation.In prison Edmond meets an Italian Abbot named Faria who is in prison for his political ideas, and he learns from him history, science, philosophy and languages, transforming himself into a cultured and well-educated man. After the death of the Abbot, Dantes manages to escape and search for Faria's treasure in Monte Cristo. Dantes sees the treasure as a sign from God that he should punish all those who plotted against him and reward those who have helped him.Dantes returns to Marseille to visit Caderousse disguised as the Abbot Busoni and learns the details of the plot. He also learns that Mercedes has married Mondeng, who works with Danglars in Paris, and that his father has died. Before leaving, Dantes helps Caderousse because he is on the brink of ruin as owner of an inn. Dantes reappears a decade later in Rome using the pseudonym count of Monte Cristo, where he meets Albert de Morcef (the supposed son of Mondego and Mercedes) and rescues him from bandits. Then, without being recognized, he manages to introduce himself into high society and into the life of Danglars, Mondego, and Villefort, allowing him to begin his elaborate plans for revenge.The Count of Morcef, Mondego, kills himself after his inhumane secret is revealed, and Albert and Mercedes escape. His fortune was gained after betraying his old patron, Ali Pacha, and selling his wife and daughter as slaves. The Count of Monte Cristo buys the freedom of Haydee, the daughter of Ali, and she testifies against Mondengo in front of the senate. In a separate revenge, Villefort goes crazy after Dantes manipulates him into believing that all of his loved ones have died. Danglars is ruined after Dantes opens several bank accounts in his name. The story isn't done until Dantes helps Maximilian Morrel, son of naval owners. His bride Valentina Villefort is threatened by her stepmother, so Dantes takes her to the Islet of Monte Cristo and even Maximilian believes she is dead. A month later, Dantes reveals to Maximilian that Valentina actually is alive, and, after having been to the depths of despair, their happiness will be even greater.Then, just when you might think that the Count of Monte Cristo will end up happy with Mercedes and Albert (son of Mercedes and Albert, from before the incident), Dantes finds happiness with Haydee, who has been living with him since he bought her freedom.

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