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Dangerous Tides
(Christine Feehan)

A brilliant but socially awkward scientist romances a magically gifted doctor after she saves his life.Libby Drake is an extremely centered person. She has six sisters (three older and three younger) all of whom have magical talents. Although she is neither as strong as her oldest sister Sarah (the security expert who can see the future) nor as talented as her youngest sister Elle (gifted with clairvoyance, empathy, precognition, telepathy and telekinesis in addition to linguistic and mathematical aptitude), Libby is an extraordinarily skilled doctor who also happens to have a magical gift for healing. Neither as gorgeous as her sister Hannah (the supermodel who can control the weather) nor as intense as her sister Abby (the marine biologist who can sense when people are lying), Libby is beautiful and successful in her career. She also does volunteer work for several medical charities. Although she does not have the dramatic flair of her sister Joley (the rock star with the spell-binding voice), she is not as publicity shy as her sister Kate (the bestselling author who can soothe emotions with a word or a touch). Libby is very much a middle child.Tyson Derrick is a brilliant scientist, a multi millionaire and a reserve fire fighter. He grew up with the Drake sisters and went to Harvard with Libby who has always fascinated him. She is one of the few people he doesn?t intimidate and he is one of the few residents of Sea Haven who doesn?t believe the Drake sisters are magical. Ty is certain that although her family is a bunch of con artists, Libby is simply misguided. He isn?t sure how she or her sisters do whatever it is that they do, but he is positive that there is a logical explanation. When Ty is injured during a rescue, Libby uses her healing gift to save his life. As she stumbles out of the emergency room, Ty regains consciousness. He checks his medical records and discovers he was near death until Libby came to visit him. He isn?t certain what she did, but Ty believes in his own ability to solve problems and he will figure it out eventually. He thinks her family has brainwashed Libby into believing that she can magically heal people. Someone has to convince Libby to be reasonable before she hurts herself.Libby is equally flattered, outraged and exasperated when Ty barges into her home demanding to know the real explanation of how she saved him ordering her to leave out that ?magic crap? and then condescendingly informs her he will tolerate her family until he can prove to her that magic does not exist because she is worth the inconvenience. Libby convinces her sisters to give Ty a practical demonstration of modern day witchcraft.But unlike Ty, someone believes in magic. Someone rich and powerful is stalking the sisters. He wants the Drakes to perform his own personal miracle and will use any means necessary to insure their cooperation; including blackmail, harassment and attempted murder.

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