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Talkative Man

In this masterpiece, India's predominant novelist,R.K.Narayan introduces a character, a compulsive engaging raconteur- 'talkative man', affectionately shortened to TM. As a young journalist struggling to establish a reputation, TM is always on the outlook for a good story.The one he shares here with his readers this time is about the mysterious Dr.Rann and his effect on the people of Malgudi - a world of "small men, small schemes and big talk, and limited means" as V.S.Naupaul aptly described Narayan's enchanting city. Dr.Rann arrives at Malgudi wearin a fancy blue suit and claiming to be researching a project for the United Nations.He inveigles TM into taking him to his home on Kabir street, where he begins an extended visitas a house-guest. TM learns through local gossip that the secretive scholar is seducing one of Malgudi's young girls, and then a large woman from Delhi arrives and relates the amazing tale of her futile attempts to reclaim the same man, her erratic, wandering husband.In the novel's hilarious and denouement,TM realises that not only he but Dr.Rann and his implaccable wife are all engaged in creating fictions about themselves and their lives.

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