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The God Delusion
(Richard Dawkins)

This is a mildly entertaining and informative read. The book has been extremely controversial, mainly due to the title and the semi-divine status bestowed upon Richard Dawkins by the atheistic community. What is most interesting about the contents of this book (amply described in other reviews), is that Dawkins himself has almost nothing original to add to the science-religion debate. What are found in this book are re-hashed arguments that anyone with an interest in theology or philosophy will know well enough. How is it that someone like Dawkins comes to be known as one of the greatest thinkers of our time? I'm afraid that after reading The God Delusion I have no answer to this question.

Dawkins makes a fundamental error in his entire analysis of religion and its implication in the problems experienced in the world. Since evil and the spiritual longing and expression exist side-by-side within most humans and societies, Dawkins assumes that one causes the other. A little knowledge of probability theory and statistics would be of immense benefit to Dawkins.

However, I think religious people of all persuasions should read this book. If this is the best shot that can be taken at religion, then believers of all faiths have nothing to fear. And the informed religious reader will get a chance to compare the thinking of the great spiritual leaders who have imbued people's lives with love, meaning and structure with one of the cold, withered and egotistical minds of one of our would-be secular gods.

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