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Human Science
(Irvin D. Yalom)

We are in Vienna in the end of century XIX, with all changes of the new time if foreseeing in diverse areas of science human being. The new thinkers appear, as Josef Breuer, one of the parents of the psychoanalysis, mentor of Sigmund Freud, that in its trajectory, finds the challenge to deal with the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This is the tram dispatches by post in the book When Nietzsche Chorou, of the famous writer and psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom. Romance intriguing and constructed with wealth of details of the social customs of the time, interacting ficcionais meeting with realities, where we perceive philosophical visões, quarrels on psychoanalysis and pains of the soul. Three main personages hold the tram of the text: The Dr. Josef Breuer, the Nietzsche philosopher and the young Freud doctor. Breuer uses its new métodode treatment: the therapy through the colloquy and is at its moment of glory in the society for having been successful in its experiences, but as man lives tormented for the obsessive sexual fancies with a patient just cured, for account of this, suffers from nightmares and insônia.Quando he initiates to deal with Friedrich Nietzsche, that possesss a depression with suicidal trends and already the Europe had attemped sets of ten of treatments with doctors in all, starts to be constructed between them a relation that the papers of doctor and patient if confuse, changedding itself into a deep friendship, where Breuer is used of the philosophy to get answers for its proper existenciais questions. The text invades, still, the fulgurante world of the Nietzsche philosopher and of its unsurmountable pride, debate on the nature of its suffering and its you distress of living. For who it likes the modern psychoanalysis, them reasons of its sprouting while science, I recommend this shining romance of Yalom, fine and tempered reading of the principles of the thought of Nietzsche: "Some do not obtain to loosen its proper chains and, not obstante, they obtain to free its friends. You have that to be prepared to be burnt in its proper flame: as if to renew without first if becoming ash ", of Thus Zaratustra spoke.

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