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I Am Spock

ABSTRACT ? NIMOY, LEONARD ? I AM SPOCK ? In the 1970?s Nimoy, arguably one of the most iconic figures in Television Science Fiction history, wrote an autobiography called I Am Not Spock. It was his reaction to being typecast as the Half Human Half Vulcan Science Officer from the original Star Trek television series. Nimoy hoped to get more serious Shakespearean roles and directorial opportunities outside of science fiction. The new life story, in effect negating that title, is an apology to the fans, and Nimoy?s recognition that Spock has gained him a great deal of respect and admiration. The book explores his relationship with the Star Trek team, especially with William (Captain Kirk) Shatner, who Nimoy feels he got on very well with (other actors from the series are much more critical of Shatner?s temperamental egotism). There are many lovely anecdotes in the book. Nimoy was often mistaken for child psychologist Dr. Spock, who he met. Both men were deeply flattered by the way people took them for one another. There is a remarkable story about a fan that stalked Nimoy to the point where she even raided his wardrobe in his absence and went around dressed in his clothes before her inevitable arrest. Despite the big eared alien role, Nimoy did get to direct many outstanding films, i.e., The Diane Keaton Vehicle, The Good Mother, which was a depressing tale of family loss that gained critical acclaim despite poor box office returns. There is a candid honesty and simplicity to this story of an actor who feels rightly and deeply privileged by his many achievements. He talks of the well-known Vulcan greeting ?Live Long And Prosper? and how he gained the hand sign of parted fingers from a Yiddish contact. The book is a tremendous memoir to a fine actor who is Spock and much more besides.

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