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I Crate Joy, No.2: Quantum Physics
(Cristopher Westra)

Quantum Physics - Seven Basics of Empowerment
. You don't really want to learn quantum physics, you want to learn to enjoy a better life, by creating the life of your dreams. Ninety five percent of people who search about- quantum physics- on the web are really searching for mind power and self improvement.
2. I hope you weren't offended by the first basic of quantum physics. Simply understand that you really want to know the implications of quantum mechanics, and not the math at all. Now see below the five basic implications of quantum theory, which will help you create what you want in life.
3. Reality is-shapeable-. What I mean by reality here is- the physical world-. This is really a poor definition but I'll use it because that's what most people think reality is. When you talk about creating your ?reality- you mean creating what you want in the physical world. The physical world is shapeable!
4. The physical world is shaped by our thoughts. Research into quantum physics shows that particles of matter behave differently when humans -watch- them. Yes, we cocreate the physical world through the power of our minds. We do this by creating holograms out of light and sound waves.
5. Thought is power, and focused thought is focused power. Most of the thought that creates the world is scattered, weak, and not very results oriented. With a little practice, you can learn to focus your mind power into creating the life you deserve!
6. Create first in the inner world. The inner world is the matrix, or the blueprint, and everything in existence is first created here. Then, physical matter is attracted to the spiritual -template- via the law of attraction. This is how the physical world comes into existence. The laws of quantum physics show this to be true.
7. Practice and training increase your effectiveness at creating the life you want. What other skill is as important to cultivate as that of powerfully manifesting in your inner reality? Once you learn the techniques of spiritual pre-creation, the outer ?reality- will manifest easily!

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