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Talking To Heaven: A Medium's Message Of Life After Death
(James Van Praagh)

Abstract: It is a must read book for knowing about clairvoyance, life after death ,dispelling fear of death and mitigating grief on the demise of loved ones. The author has put down his experiences and thought about God using his psychic ability Those who want to know proof of existence of God will get a life time experience after they have gone through this book James Van Praagh is a world recognized self-proclaimed medium who started experiencing his God gifted 6th sense at the age of eight when he was in his school. He has explained his childhood experiences about existence of God and teachings of nuns in the church. He found that spirits are invisible bodies of all those who died and they do take rebirth when they want to else they remain in invisible world and can be contacted through proper media like him. In childhood he was who claims to possess special power that allows him to hear messages and feel their presence of all those who have died years ago. He took phone calls on the air and, once given a name, started telling the audience what he was hearing or feeling. Van Praagh plays a kind of twenty-question game with his audience and gets their positive feedback. This makes it appear to some that he is being contacted by spirits who are telling him that being dead is good, that they love those they left behind, and that they are sorry and forgive them everything. Talking to Heaven is a rare book based on the personal insights and memories of highly acclaimed medium James Van Praagh, who has very briefly and in simple words told stories about his contact with the deceased. The author provides spiritual and psychological comfort to all those suffering from loss of their loved ones. He also helps readers develop their own means of talking to heavenly bodies. This is indeed a great experience of clearance through the words of Van Praagh's . Many aging and ailing people who read this book will get lot of peace and comfort.

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