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Daily Missal --mysterious Catholic Book Of Ritual And Prayer
(Dom Gaspar Lefebvre OSB of the Abbey of S. Andre)

The Saint Andrew Daily Missal is a collection of daily prayers, hymns, calendars, rituals, and dogma. Of special interest to hagiophiles and biographers, are the short accounts of the lives of the Saints, mentioned toward the end of the book. For example, the day of October 9, is the day of St. Teresa of the child Jesus. This Virgin Saint, who was born in Alencon (France), and who died at twenty-four promised to allow to fall rose petals on the ground after her death (to shower the ground with rose petals ---perhaps she meant white ones). She joined her convent at the age of fifteen after much petitioning, and said on her deathbed that she did not wish to remain inactive in heaven.She said that she wished to spend her heaven doing good on the earth, and was beatified by Pope Pius X1 in 1923. The back of the book offers instruction on the burial of little children. When this happens, (according to the instructions given), the Priest (dressed with a white stole), sprinkles the body of the child with water, and blesses the name of the Lord, now and forever. The book has several strange diagrams, one of which, the timepiece of the Passion is arabesquely drawn. www.valiantdeath.com--- for wonderful experimental music/ art/ zines

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