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Mobile Bath To The Birds Of The Air (bewegliches Bad Zu Den Vögeln Der Air)

Mr.Judeson is a young man in its forties. It has 5
brothers and a sister. It has two children. Its wife had
been a nurse. It was affected by asthma, and the children
are also kraenklich. Judson comes a God, the family is
afraid. They preferred commitment, devotion and maximum
service to the neighbour, when they looked for profit. All
of them are God, which is afraid people. During dying
their all children father specified with its death bed, and
arranged for them requirement to sees loves you God and no
needy man to reject it many years, since Judson for a
leprosy center works. He earns 2020/-Rupien per month.
But it is very content, and you find a radiating of smile
and joy to that on its face. A few years returned a
special event of a new initiative rise in Judson's life.
It had given a leprosy patient inhabitant in the leprosy
center, which dismisses was. Judson met it on the way.
The Leprakranke pleaded Judson, in order to give it
something, in order to eat. It had gehungert, and it was
so dirty. Judson was deeply moved. It took to the leprosy
patients and shaved it the beard. It helped the leprosy
patient to take bath and then Judson divided its meal with
the leprosy patient. Its wife had flashed in the case of
him. This leprosy patient began to often visit Judson
because it had been rejected by the family; nobody would
help it. Judson continued to repeat its charitable act.
Slowly slowly the number of leprosy patients and the road
beggars increased. Judson continued to give them bath and
offer meals. Judson did not have money, it began to ask.
Any assistance came any rice and any Curry of the poor
families. The leprosy center permitted it to use the
vehicle of the institute but the gasoline Judson had to
take from its own bag. Judson began to make credit and
today he starts the debts almost 250,000 /, Rupien of debts
or credit Judson converted the vehicle into mobile bath he
runs to each road and all paths, in order to collect the
leprosy patients, Lumpenpfluecker and the road beggars.
Some are crazy beggar. They are children, men and women.
Sometimes at the last hour of the evening the strangers
leave the mental patient, beggar in the proximity of
Judson's homeland and escape. Judson gives them bath and
carries it to rehablitation center. He washes the wounds
of the ill and wounded people and treats her. Now you find
each Sunday almost 750 beggars, who wait for the lunch and
immaculateness, perhaps. Some people offer, vegetables and
so on help it some sisters in taking concern of the hygenic
needs to rice. But the whole running costs of this work
are geschultert by Judson and that also with the costs to
make credit. Judson's woman supports it quietly. Judson
is not worried, in order to make credit. It checks the sky
and ruft, white the Mr. my cause. I leave ' on him, it
call these distressed road beggars and the leprosy patients
as it Akasha Parava these means the birds of air. I was,
miracle struck, in order to see the courage of this man and
the understanding spirit of its wife. Will God makes its
Goettliche available planning, in order to bring to concern
these birds ai?

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