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Walk In The Light Of The Lord
(Author: Harold A. Buetow)

Father Buetow is known for his many homily books. Walk in the Light of the Lord is a collection of reflections on the readings for the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Father Buetow begins his book with the first Monday of Advent and gives us material for thought for each day. He prefaces his reflections in an introduction in which he writes about the historical and liturgical significance of Advent and Christmas. He touches on themes, customs and traditions from which the homilist can draw inspiration. Each two page reflection begins with a theme referencing the Scripture readings of the day followed by his insightful meditation on the readings. Each brief reflection is conversational in style and gives the opportunity for personal response by offering questions and drawing practical conclusions for the reader. Buetow's writing reveals his keen knowledge of biblical history and customs and well as his ability to utilize contemporary stories and references. Although Buetow writes for the homilist, these brief reflections make wonderful reading for anyone preparing to fully appreciate the beginning of the new liturgical year. Taking the time from mundane concerns to read the Scriptures and reflect on the words of Father Buetow can only make the season more meaningful. As these reflections point out in the book , we will find it spiritually advantageous at the beginning of the liturgical year to ask ourselves some questions that are pertinent to the seasons of Advent and Christmas. In the year just ended have I become cold, indifferent or lazy toward God and the needs of others? Have I been reverent? Do I try to recognize the presence of God in the Eucharist, in the Scriptures, and in other people, especially the poor? Am I generous in sharing my time, talents, and resources? Do I rejoice in the light of Christ, or in the deceiving lights offered by the world? Do I let my light shine before the world for God's glory? Taking his cue from the liturgical readings of the day, Father Buetow guides us through our deliberations and helps us find some answers. It is an excellent book for all

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