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I Am Not A Nice Man To Know

I hate only few people & I can count them on my finger tips they are none other than name droppers, proudly young people, selfish humans, and hot tempered minds-?said Khushwant Singh. After adding those lines he sufficiently wrote? I Am Not A Nice man To Know? this is called humanity. Today?s modern people do have the qualities which the writes counted on his finger tips, though they consider themselves voluntary best. According to me these modern humans are the only persons which would be never safe to know.
Any person should not consider himself as modern from the change of his looks and clothes. In fact the person having broad thinking, a heart to trust, a mask less face, a suitable lifestyle is called as a ?Modern Man?.
A person devoid of ego is never a man who can relay on oneself, and so he shows other that he rules because of his ego. The world hates but than also it is the world of those people. It?s better to leave such ill qualities as it is a sign of self lack ness...
So prefer life upto the mark of quality!

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