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The Wizard's First Rule
(Terry Goodkind)

The Wizard's First Rule is a story of a mythical land where magic is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, with magic came along people who would use it for evil instead of good, which resulted in many deaths to many people in the world that Terry Goodkind has created in this novel. Then a great and powerful ruler named Darken Raul discovered one of the most powerful magical items in the land, the magic boxes of Orden. If he opens the right one, he will become the most powerful man in the land, able to kill someone with the mere thought of it, and completely be able to control the lives of all human beings and magical creatures alike. However, if Darken Raul opens another one of the boxes, then he will die. If he opens the third box, then every living creature in the world will die. Darken Raul's quest for power is so great that he does not care about these great consequences. He is a ruthless, savage ruler bent on world domination.

A small band of courageous characters are the only things standing in the way of Darken Raul's victory. The three main warriors are Richard Cypher, Kahlan and Zeddicus Zorlander. Richard Cypher is a simple woodsman until his father's death, and then he becomes a most powerful man with a clear mission: to stop Darken Raul. Kahlan and Zed become his allies and help him to make the journey across their world to defeat his powerful adversary.

The Wizard's First Rule is a riveting, passionate book about fantasy, mythical creatures and the realities of war. If you liked the Lord of the Rings you will love this book. It has such an intensity you will feel like you are in Richard's world fighting along side him.

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