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The Chamber
(John Grisham)

John Grisham creates another page turner in his novel, The Chamber. The main character of The Chamber is Adam Hall, a twenty-six year old WASP in the perfect firm with the perfect pedigree, from the right schools, with the right grades, but with a not so perfect past that is anything but normal.

Adam Hall is no ordinary lawyer. He is the grandson of the famous Sam Cayhall from Clanton, Mississippi who currently sits on Death Row facing the gas chamber for killing two five year old Jewish boys.

Sam Cayhall was a member of the Klu Klux Klan in Mississippi during the 1960's. He was part instigator of a number of bombings in the South during that time. Then a Jewish lawyer named Mr. Kramer became a prominent mountain mover in promoting Civil Rights. The decision was made to bomb his office.

Sam sat in his car, waiting anxiously for the blast to hit the office. The bomb should have gone off by now, he thought to himself. Had his partner screwed up the bombing device? Sam snuck out of his car, roamed around the streets near the law office and waited.

Then it grew light outside, and the business day began. Mr. Kramer entered the office with his two small boys. They loved to play at their daddy's office before they started preschool. Then came the blast, which changed all of their lives forever.

Adam Hall is Sam Cayhall's only hope. He is days away from being killed for a crime that he committed years ago. Can Adam Hall save his grandfather, and should his grandfather be saved? Can he come to grips with his grandfather's violent past? Read the story and find out, in a mesmerzing book that you won't be able to put down.

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