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I '' Klaudiusz''
(Robert Graves)

I, Klaudiusz" Roberta Gravesa, this {then} fictitious autobiography, describing Roman empire early empires. This {then} also history of man, hiding in shadow" silniejszej" families. On following pages {sides} we recognize ruthless {absolute} and cynical environment, which from beginning {origin} stigmatizes Klaudiusza, son emperor's families, granting {posting} him surname {of} lame fool. Seemingly not determining threats in velocity to authority and wealths, Klaudiusz becomes {remains}" saved". When stops storm of intrigues and of crime, at last wins highest rate - after murder Kaliguli, pretorianie( emperor's guard) call him with emperor. Bloody times, of devoid fondness and almost {right} ragged from human natures, describes Graves kunsztownie and lightly, without manual schemas. does not mark {means} this {then} however, that easily us oneself will read novel {to draw}, no doubt, historic." I, Klaudiusz" is novel not as usual exact, supported many years' - investigations {researches} Gravesa over ancient history. Because genealogical facts and ruthlessness those of times, can be heavy passage for reader not taking own bearings in history ancient empires. However it is proper to sacrifice moments to recognize times and of people, which, so as with us today, would pull internal passions and thirsts. Thanks Robertowi Gravesowi You {these}, whiches long ago left continually are figures {forms}, of which it is proper to recognize.

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