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A Baby Is Born
(p.naga prasad)


A baby begins life when a sperm form a man and an egg form a women join together inside the woman?s body. Both sperm and the egg are ceels, tiny building blocks which contains all that is needed to create a new use. The two cels combine to form a new one about the size of a full stop. As the fertilized egg grows,it divides into two. Then it divided again and again until it is a smell ball of cells called an embryo. It moves to the woman?s womb,where it scells carry on growing and dividing. After eight weeks,it is called foetus. Food and oxygen are passed from umbilical cord. It takes nine months before a baby is ready to be born. In the first few weeks the ehart,brain and spine form. By 12th week the foetus has nearly all its organs and its legs and arms hav grown. After 24 weeks it is almost completely formed. It then steadily grows in size. When the baby is ready to born,it usually turns around inside the womb. So that its head ispointing downwards then,strong muscles in womb push the baby along the birth canal and into the outside world.

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