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Languages And Writing

Languages and writing

The first Language used by early people was probably made up mostly of hand gestures and grunting sounds. Today,there are thousands of different language poken in the world. Words are usually given further meaning by movements of hands or expressions of the face. Some languages hve unusual features. The people of gomera in canary islands still us loud whistles to ?Speak to one another across valleys most languages can be written down sounds or sords. Early writing out how to read these picture ,modern scientists can find out fascinating details about life thousands of years go. Today most language use an alphabet,althought Chinese and Japanese still use symbols called characters. More people Speak Chinese then any other language. English would be commonest language if all people who have laernt to speak it were included. Hindi is one several major language spoken in India. In china more than 1 billion speakers. IN English 450 millins speakers,Hindi 400 million speakers,50 ?spanisch speaker

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