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Wall Flower

This is the story of Charlly,the main character of Steven Chavosky book:"How good it is to be a wall flower".
The book tells us about charlly;a boy in his first year in high school.
Charly is a scared boy.Who doesn't get along with society.
This book is very similar to "The catcher in the rye".
Throughout the book Charly learns about himself,he finds out many things about himself that he didn't know about them before.
Charlly had a friend which was very close to him and killed himself.We learn from Charly that he took this very hard. Charly hangs out with two of his friends,which are older than him.
Charly is going through many things.
Such as;experiencing drugs,and sex.
Charly finds out in his jurney many things about the world, as well.
The book ends when Charlly write in his diary about those two months, in which he experienced so many new things,about those two months which he spent in the hospital after he callepsed and tells us the shoking reason to why he callepsed.
This is the first novel of Steven Chavosky who lives in New york.

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