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War And Peace
(Leo Tolstoy)

War and Peace.

A Classic
A Masterpeice
A Love story

Rostovs adventures
Perries philosophy
Natashas transformations

What is not there in War and Peace?
It has deceit, hatred, anger , love , misery , poverty, disillusion, melancholoy, pride and prejudice.

A book i read in 3 years. Because it was too much for me as a 22 year
old unmarried to really see light of social parties. Bur once i am
married i was more intrested in reading war and peace. What a wonderful
love story! What a portrayal of war!

I really liked reading War and Peace. It is verya real and very dreamy.
All those palaces, Russians, Czars, French one can only dream of in
their nights. What a deptiction of war in its details. How wonderfully
Leo tolstoy talks about the movement of masses and movement of
battalions. Who is Napolean to win the war, asks Tolstoy. Militiary
genius and Tactical mastery are of no use, where hardly battalions
reach their intended destination says he.
Leo Tolstoy says it is the spirit in the people which moves the war, not the generals or any particular event or force.

I will rate war and piece at 9/10, what it could have more is maps, but
event the absence of maps provide such a rich abstraction to
details, developing the story further. It costed me only INR 90 in
Paperback of Penguin. You can download for free the e-book version. A
must read for any novel reader.

War and peace gave me courage and confidence, by showing what can
happen in life. After living with Rostov, Pierre and Natasha, it is
very easy to grasp the wide offerings of life. Pieeres melancholy is
wonderful. I really gained reading War and Peace.

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