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The Scarlet Letter
(Nathaniel Hawthorne)

The Scarlet Letter is a wonderful book about the 17th century. The story takes place in a Puritan settlement in Boston Massachusetts. The story reflects around a young woman, Hester a single mother with an infant child. Pearl her daughter is not the only thing found placed on this woman?s chest, the woman has the letter A placed delicately on the front of her clothes. Hester is being punished for adultery. Hester had a husband who was suppose to come over to America after his wife. Hester has become pregnant after coming to the colony and was publicly shamed for this behavior.
Hester does however have much pride. She refuses to give the name of the man who she had an affair with keeping him out of the lime light. She also displays her shame the letter A almost proudly. She worked very hard sewing and placing it just show on her clothes.
Hester?s husband does come to American but disguises himself and calls himself Roger Chillingworth. He is very much seeking revenge for his shame. Although no one knows his true identity but Hester, he feels that his name was shamed due to the adultery.
Hester and Pearl grow together in the outskirts of Boston. The only person who seems kind to the two is Arthur Dimmesdale a young minister of the town. Dimmesdale seems oddly close to Hester to others in town especially Chillingworth. The young minister becomes ill and seems almost tormented by something. Chillingworth starts to ask question to see if he can find out what the secret this minister is holding has anything to do with Hester. He later with much detective work feels that his suspicions are correct.
Hester soon discovers that Chillingworth has discovered her secret and meets secretly with Dimmesdale. They arrange to go to Europe so they can become a family. Hester actually removes her letter from her shirt as to show a sense of release. Meanwhile Chillingworth aware of Hester?s plans, still seeking revenge makes plans to board the ship Hester will. Hester soon hears of his plans and flees to find her lover. Dimmesdale knowing he will soon be leaving publicly displays his lover for Hester. He then exposes his own scarlet letter they he had placed on his own chest. Unfortunately, in this moment of triumph for the both and happiness, Dimmesdale falls to the ground and dies.
The story ends quickly after this. Telling of the future of all the other characters. Chilling worth dies without seeking his revenge. Hester and Pearl leave Boson and Pearl runs away and marries in Europe to an aristocrat. Hester dies after returning to Boston and is buried next to Dimmesdale.

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