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The Great Gatsby
(Fitzgerald, F. Scott)

The Great Gatsby overall is a story about class and position in society. Gatsby one of the riches men around spends his time attaining money so he can reach a higher standard. His power and position makes him feel that he can then win back his love Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy is already married to a man named Tom. The two of them represent the way high society can look down on the common folk. This is all seen and told by the point of view of the narrator Nick. Nick is just a man trying to understand his new found position and the society around him. He sees the cruel ways of others such as Tom cheating on his cousin Daisy with a lower societied woman, Myrtle. Her death barely effects Tom showing his superior mind set of his position compared to hers. She was nothing but something to do to keep him busy and could be tossed as side like a used doll. Out of revenge Daisy starts to see Mr. Gatsby and stirs up for the first time emotions in her seemingly dead husband Tom. He shoots Gatsby and all goes on as if nothing had happened. Tom and Daisy go back to being the high society couple. The town goes back to normal no overlandish parties going on. Nick goes back to being the humble man he was before his run in with all of the snobs of the upper class.

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