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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

The Da Vinci code is something people all over the world could not stop reading. It was and still is, one of the hottest selling books ever written. Your eyes have no choice but keep darting across words so masterfully created and so engagingly written.

Robert Langdon, The protagonist in the book, is out to unravel the cause of the mysterious death of the curator in The Louvre, Paris. And what a mystery ride it is going to be.

The book had multiple spin-offs actually. Apart from the gripping storyline, It raised many questions about christianity, Lord Jesus and much more. It forced me to do a little more reading on this. When I read it for the first time, I just could not stop myself from buying other more prolific works like The Templar Revelation and spent time searching for information on The Holy Grail, Those famous paintings, Leonarda Da Vinci & Mary Magdalene. I went so far as to read The Bible once.

And talking about Leonardo Da Vinci? - One of the most cherished pranksters of all times. He was known to have created master pieces which were more like puzzles. He went to the extent of layering secret messages - Just like the shocking Revelations about Jesus Christ, understood to be guarded by a secret European Society called The priory of Scion. The Ultimate mischief Guru - indeed.

So many topics of interest in one single book, and the book happens to be a little more than interesting itself.

If you haven't read it, You haven't read anything.

Grab your copy today.

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